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Отиди на съдържанието

Dear Customers,

When using the system Internet Banking, BACB ensures maximum protection for your data and all your transactions by implementing the following means:

  1. Protected connection.

    Access to the servers of Internet Banking is carried out by encrypted https protocol. We use server certificate, issued by THAWTE company, which guarantees the identity of the server the customers are linked to.

  2. Signature of transactions by TAN (transaction authorization number).

    TAN is a unique, one-time 6-digit code, which is used for signing and sending payment orders to the bank. The electronic input of TAN has the power of a legally valid signature.

  3. User name and password.

    Each user of the system has a unique name and password, known only to him.

BACB applies professional security measures for protecting its computer net. Nevertheless, when using BACB Internet Banking, it is very important to use the security measures for protection of your computers and computer nets. Therefore, we recommend the following security measures to be used:

  • Keep your user name and password, never write them on paper, disk, USB, etc, do not write them in e-mails and do not give them to other people – they are personal!

  • Use secured passwords – consisting of small and capital letter (e.g. a-z, A-Z), punctuation marks and numbers (e.g. 0-9,!?+”%=:/_№@#$%^&*()_+) which have at least 7 letter digits and are not based on personal data, family names, etc. Periodically change your password for access.

  • To access the system, always write in the address https://ib.bacb.bg/. Check the communication protocol and be sure that https://ib.bacb.bg/ has server certificate, issued by THAWTE.

  • Do not use options for automatic save of user name and password

  • Always use the EXIT button when finishing work with the Internet Banking.

  • Use only legal programs, purchased from suppliers who you trust. Update them regularly.

  • We propose to use anti-virus programs, which are regularly maintained and updated.

  • Avoid using Internet Banking from computers with unregulated access (computer clubs, Internet cafes, libraries, etc)